When ever I don’t feel my writing is good enough, I have a group of cheerleaders urging me on. I think most of us are our own worst critics. Listen to your peers, your support group but also be honest with yourself. If you are like ‘I’m all that and chips’ you might want to step back and take a better look. If you are like me and suffer bouts of insecurities and second guesses, then stop, read your work as a reader. What do you see? Is there something that needs work? If you were reading this under someone else’s name what would be your honest reaction?
I am a character driven writer. I see people in my head, I hear their stories and their voice but I am weak on plot. I have to work extra hard on plotting especially making sure I don’t have a sagging middle. I know, I’m almost fifty and my middle sags, okay, but my story should have really tight abs but it takes work, knowledge and exercise just like the real thing.
The hardest lesson I’ve learned is to give myself permission to write badly. Oh yeah, you can learn from the gibberish you write as you just try to get words on the paper. It’s most important to get the story down, finish it, even if it’s crap. Get all the components on the page. And then…EDIT! and edit, and edit, infinity. Okay, not infinity, get the story the best it can be. Make sure all your story lines have a satisfying end. That everything makes sense and is in the right POV. Show your voice or as my kids might say, ‘keep it real’. Do not try to be anyone other than yourself, let your excitement for this project shine through your writing.
Convince your reader that this is the way it happened. Even if your character is a blue fairy making a living as a Manhattan Lawyer, make her/him believable. If her/his story is convincing, if there is a consistency in the telling of the story, then you have done your job and it is time to send your baby out into the world. And that is another story to be told at a later date. Best wishes for your writing life.


2 thoughts on “Encouragement

  1. Hi, Sherri! I found you through our RWA Writing 101 course! I wasn’t able to find you on Twitter or Facebook for some reason, but if you’d like to hang out at either spot, you can find me at https://twitter.com/KBrockTweets, https://www.facebook.com/kristen.brockmeyer or https://www.facebook.com/KristenBrockmeyerAuthorPage. We’re practically twins, by the way: I love small-town romances (working on a 3-book series in a little town in Oklahoma) and we have the same blog template. 🙂 kristenbrockmeyer.com

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